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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn



Our team has had a successful history of investing in Alternative and Private Markets since 2013.

​Our partners came together in 2011 to launch the first regulated American modern art alternative investment fund. They have since launched three alternative investment funds from various sectors, including Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies and Quantum Physics, as well as various companies, with notable success.

​In 2021, coinciding with their 10th anniversary, they decided to set up Zuger Partners AG to bring all current and future initiatives under one umbrella. The company is based in the canton of Zug in the Zurich metropolitan area in Switzerland.




An ecosystem for the

21st century

Many industries are currently being disrupted by digital technologies and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. This trend will only accelerate in the coming years.


At Zuger Partners AG we choose to constantly transform our business in collaboration with the best partners. This collaboration helps us acquire new digital skills, build new business models, such as digital platforms, and harness the power of ecosystems.



Zuger Partners AG prides itself on the strength of its people – a deep pool of qualified individuals with expertise across the financial services spectrum and experience in delivering dynamic solutions that address the increasing complexity of investments and transactions.


In an industry that is experiencing significant disruption as a result of ongoing consolidation our independent ownership model affords greater operational stability and encourages an entrepreneurial approach to developing tailored products and services. 


Having been at the forefront of the industry and having played an active role in its evolution, Zuger Partners AG recognizes the importance of information and insight in today’s environment and has prioritized the delivery of unique, customizable and cutting edge solutions.

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