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Recommended Reading: McKinsey Quantum Technology Monitor

McKinsey and Company has just published an interesting 45 page report that provides many facts and figures related to quantum technology investments, revenues, comparison of activity by country, adoption by industry sector and others things. The report splits quantum technology into quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensing sectors and is based upon data from the Quantum Computing Report, Pitchbook, Crunchbase, expert interviews, and their own internal analyses.

Some of the interesting data provided in the report include the following tables and graphs:

  • Investment funding by type (angel, venture capital, corporate, public, etc.)

  • Capital investment by country

  • Public investment by country

  • Quantum computing players by country and type of organizations

  • Quantum computing startups by country

  • Quantum players by product/service type (components manufacturers, hardware, systems software, applications software, service providers)

  • Quantum computing startups per year

  • Quantum computing adopting by end user industry segment (bystanders, beginners, amateurs, professionals)

  • Projected quantum computing impact by end user industry segment

  • Quantum related patents by country

  • Quantum related publications by country

  • Range of potential value (proceeds + investments) by sector for the years 2025, 2030, 2035, and 2040

The report is free and can be downloaded from the McKinsey website here.



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