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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your company.


Our team of specialists can help you create and implement a strategic plan to successfully focus on the future and take your business to the next level. The business world is constantly changing, and Zuger Partners AG can help you navigate these changes. We help you find windows of opportunity where you can create unique value and grow your business.

We are specialized in the launch of ICO's and STO's to the market from Switzerland, we work in coordination with the best law firms.


We at Zuger Partners AG have a strong track record in sourcing worldwide equity finance from venture capital or private equity firms, family office, and corporations. If you are looking to find investors for your business, we can help you structure and negotiate the terms of your financing. We can also provide the most appropriate solution to your capital needs. And help you in the placement.

We are specialized in the placement of STO's and security tokens in the professional market.


Zuger Partners AG supports companies in their credit restructuring, negotiating with creditors, and divesting assets to revitalize their economic position. Not approaching the debt restructuring with enough time has led many companies to insolvency and closure. These are processes that demand experience and in which, on many occasions, the company risks its continuity.


At Zuger Partners we are specialized in landing investments in Switzerland, mainly from Spanish and Latin American companies. We process licenses for financial companies and the DLT-Blockchain sector.


We structure DAO's in Switzerland through foundations and associations for the release of native tokens to the market in coordination with the best law firms.


We have experience in the following jurisdictions: Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & Gibraltar (UK).

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."


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